Reference Thermapen®


  • High accuracy to ±0.07°C (±0.13°F)
  • Range from -94 to 392°F (-70 to 200°C)
  • Display resolution to 0.01°
  • Includes 5-point accredited calibration certificate (UKAS)
  • One-handed operation
  • Includes padded zipper case

Until now you would have spent hundreds more to get this level of accuracy in a reference thermometer. Our Reference Thermapen takes lab accuracy into the field. Each unit is factory calibrated at 5 test points and includes a UKAS accredited calibration certificate with test data. A true “system calibration” is performed matching its Platinum RTD sensor and the built-in electronics so all errors are included in the spec.


The stainless steel fold-out probe is pointed for penetration or immersion. Although not as fast as our reduced-tip Super-Fast Thermapens, the Reference Thermapen will read a final temperature in only 20 seconds which is amazing for a reference quality instrument. For customizing the Thermapen, battery compartment configuration switches are included to change display units, disable the auto-off and change resolution from 0.01° to 0.1°. And with no buttons to press or learn, it’s a precision thermometer that any technician or staffer can use.

Use the Reference Thermapen to check other thermometers. Use it as your own calibration standard. Take it in the field for the most precise measurements you’ve ever made. Whether you’re looking for a lab reference or a working field standard, you won’t find this level of accuracy and convenience in any handheld system at this affordable price. Includes a protective, padded vinyl zip case.


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